Aakash Tigers MWS (Playing XI): Bhavin Thakkar, Aakarshit Gomel, Arjun Tendulkar, Shams Mulani, D Subramanian(w), Yogesh Pawar, Dhawal Kulkarni(c), Suryansh Shedge, Salman Khan, Sylvester Dsouza, Nehal Katakdhond

SoBo SuperSonics (Playing XI): Jay Gokul Bista(c), Hersh Tank, Parag Khanapurkar, Yogesh Takawale(w), Khizer Dafedar, Vaibhav Mali, Rohan Raje, Japjeet Randhawa, Dhrumil Matkar, Deepak Shetty, Badrey Alam

SoBo SuperSonics have won the toss and have opted to bat

Dream11 Team:


  • Y Takawale
  • B Thakkar
  • J Bishta
  • H Tank
  • A Tendulkar
  • S Mulani(vc)
  • K Dafedar
  • P Khanapurkar(c)
  • Salman Khan
  • N Katakdhondh
  • Deepal Shetty


  • Y Takawale
  • B Thakkar
  • J Bishta
  • A Gomel
  • D Matkar
  • S Mulani(vc)
  • K Dafedar
  • P Khanapurkar(c)
  • Salman Khan
  • N Katakdhondh
  • Deepal Shetty

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SQUAD:Agni Chopra, Hersh Tank, Japjeet Randhawa, Mansingh Nigade, Tushar Srivastav, Dhrumil Matkar, Jay Bista, Parag Khanapurkar, Rohan Raje, Sandeep Kunchikor, Shashank Attarde, Vaibhav Mali, Adeeb Usmani, Yogesh Takawale, Aatif Shaikh, Akshay Barma, Badrey Alam, Deepak Shetty, Harsh Tanna, Khizer Dafedar

  • They topped the group stage last season and started their campaign with bang in this season also.They won 4 out of 5 matches in group stage.
  • They are expected to go unchanged in this match.
  • Hard-hitting batsman Hersh Tank and talented Jay Gokul Bishta will open the inning.Hersh Tank is an attacking batsman while Jay Gokul Bishta is technically strong batsman and is a consistent performer.
  • Harsh Tank scored 47 ,23 and 20 in  3 of last 4 matches while Jay Bishta failed to play a single big inning with bat in this season.Bishta scored 33 in last game.
  • Experienced Parag Khanapurkar is expected to bat next. .He batted well in almost all the  matches.He scored attacking 96 in first and 45 in 3rd  match.
  • Attacking wicketkeeper batsman Yogesh Takwale(ex opener of Rajasthan Royals) will bat next.He is very attacking batsman and had played few attacking innings with Rajasthan Royals.He scored attacking 32 and 40 in last 2 matches.
  • Jajdeep Randhawa is expected to bat next. He scored 27 in 2nd  game.
  • Talented allrounder Rohan Raje and K Dafedar are expected to bat next. R Raje played quick cameo of 18 in first and 17 in last match while K Dafedar scored attacking 33 in 2nd  match.
  • Dhrumil Matkar and Vaibhav Mali will do late hitting duty. Dhrumil is known as finisher of team.He scored attacking 15 runs in last match.
  • Badrey Alam and Deepak Shettywill lead the pace attack of the team while Rohan Raje   is expected to assist them. Alam took 3 while Raje took 5 wickets till now . Deepak Shetty took 3 wicket haul in 2nd  match and he took 2 wickets in last match also.
  • Dhrumil Matkar and Vaibhav Mali will lead the spin attack while K Dafedar and P Khanapurkar are expected to assist them.Dhrumil took 8 wicket in last season and is best spinner of team while V Mali and K Dafedar are also good bowler.V Mali took 2 wickets in 2nd match while Dhrumil Matkar took 8 wickets till now .
  • K Dafedar has played from Mumbai team and is a good bowler.He took 2 wickets in 2nd  last match.
  • P Khanapurkar has also bowled well in some matches , he took 2 wickets in last match.


Jay Gokul Bista, Hersh Tank, Parag Khanapurkar, Yogesh Takawale,Jajdeep Randhawa,K Dafedar, Dhrumil Matkar, Rohan Raje, Vaibhav Mali, Badre Alam, Deepak Shetty,


  • Hersh Tank,(attacking batsman,56 RUNS in L.S+ 47, 23 and 20 in 3 of last 4 matches)
  • Jay Bishta,(very technically strong batsman+ consistent performed but failed to play any big inning till now,scored 33 in last game)
  • Yogesh Takwale,(attacking batsman, scored 40 and 33 in last 2 matches)
  • Parag Khanapurkar,(Part time bowler, played innings of 96 and 45 in this season+ 2 wickets in last match)
  • Rohan Raje ,(Hard hitting batsman+ good bowler, took 5 wickets in this season)
  • Dhrumil Matkar,(best spinner of team+ hard hitting batsamn,took 8 wickets in this season)
  • Deepak Shetty( very good pace bowler, took 3 wicket haul in 2nd match+ 2 wickets in last   match)
  • Vaibhav Mali( decent spinner, took 2 wickets in 2nd match)
  • K Dafedar( attacking batsman+ good bowler)


SQUAD:Ajay Pandey, Doraiswamy Subramanian, Kaustubh Pawar, Suryansh Shedge, Y Pawar, Aakarshit Gomel, Arjun Tendulkar, Bhavin Thakkar, Nehal Katakdhond, Shams Mulani, Siddharth Akre , Akash Anand, Mehboob Shaikh, Anjdeep Lad, Dhawal Kulkarni, Minad Manjrekar, Salman Khan, Sylvester Dsouza

  • They reached in semeifinals by winning their last must win game.
  • Aakarshit Gomel missed last match due to fitness isuue. Ig he gets fit in time then he will certainly play this match.Siddharth Akre or Yogesh Pawar will make way for him.
  • Kaustubh Pawar can replace Yogesh Pawar in playing11.
  • Bhavin Thakkar and Aakarshit Gomel(slight riksy, but expected to play) will open the inning.Both are very talented batsman. Bhavin Thakkar showed his talent in last match by scoring 65 runs while Gomel is in very good form and has played innings of  41 ,38 and 43 till now.
  • Talented allrounder Arjun Tendulkar will bat next.He scored 97 runs in 4 matches and took 5  wicket till now.
  • Wicket keeper batsman Doraiswamy Subramanian and youngster Suryansh Shedge are expected to bat next. Subramanian is an average batsman while Suryansh is highly rated by cricket pundits .Suryansh scored 27 in 2nd last game.
  • Shams Malani will do late hitting duty.He is very talented allrounder and has played for Mumbai team.Shams Mulani scored attacking 36,60 and 40  in last 3 matches.He can get promoted again as he is looking in terrific form with bat.
  • Dhawal Kulkarni and Arjun Tendulkar will lead the pace attack while Salman Khan is expected to assist them. Dhawal is a well known bowler and has played from Indian team,he is known for his swing and line length while  Salman Khan bowled well in all the matches he played.
  • Salman Khan took 2 wickets while Dhawal Kulkarni has not taken lot of wickets in this season.
  • Arjun Tendulkar is a left arm pace bowler and is known for his swing and pace.He took 3 wicket haul in 2nd last match.
  • Shams Mulani will lead the spin attack of the team along with Nehal Katakdhond .Mulani is very highly rated bowler and was highest wicket taker of Mumbai in this season,he has played from India A team also.He  bowled economically in each match.
  • Nehal Katakdhond bowled economically in almost all the matches .He took 3 wickets in 3rd  last match.


  • Bhavin Thakkar,(Technically strong batsman,played from Mumbai team+ scored 65 in last game)
  • Aakarshit Gomel,(slight risky,attacking batsman+ 5th highest scorer of last season+ played well in all the matches in this season)
  • Arjun Tendulkar,(attacking batsman+ good swing bowler)
  • Shams Mulani,(attacking batsman+ very good spinner)
  • Dhawal Kulkarni,( swing bowler+ can bat+ best pace bowler of team)
  • Nehal Katakdhond( good spinner. bowling economically+ took 3 wickets in 3rd last match)
  • Salman Khan( good bowler , bowled well in all the matches he played + took 2 wickets in last match)

Bhavin Thakkar,Aakarshit Gomel(expected to play)/S akre,Arjun Tendulkar,Doraiswamy Subramanian (wk),Shams Mulani,Suryansh Sedge,Yogesh Pawar/K Pawar,Dhawal Kulkarni,Sylvester Dsouza/Ajay Pandey,Nehal Katakdhond,Salman Khan

Fantasy Tips:

  1. In wicketkeeper Yoh=gesh Takawale  will be better choice.
  2. Spinner are getting more support from the wicket than pacers so try to cover all of important spinners.

Pitch Condition:

Wankhede Stadium , Mumbai

Pitch is expected to be batting friendly however scores in range of 150-170 are expected because most batsman don;t have so much skill.

Choices Of Captain:

Small Leagues:

  • J Bishta
  • Parag Khanapurkar
  • Arjun Tendulkar
  • Shams Mulani
  • Dhrumil Matkar
  • A Gomel(risky)

Grand Leagues:

  • Bhavin Thakkar
  • K Dafedar


Always try to make your team by seeing given info.

Dream11 Team:

  • Y Takawale
  • B Thakkar
  • J Bishta
  • H Tank
  • A Tendulkar
  • S Mulani(vc)
  • K Dafedar
  • P Khanapurkar(c)
  • Salman Khan/Badre Alam
  • N Katakdhondh
  • Deepal Shetty


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