England will bowl first. Archer and Woakes are expected to get some swing initially.

Australia (Playing XI): David Warner, Aaron Finch(c), Usman Khawaja, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey(w), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Jason Behrendorff

England (Playing XI): James Vince, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer, Mark Wood

Dream11 Team:.

  • J Bairstow
  • D Warner(vc)
  • A Finch
  • U Khwaja
  • E Morgan
  • J Root(C)
  • M Stoinis
  • M Starc
  • NC Nile
  • M Wood
  • J Archer

If You want to take S Smith then go with this team:

  • J Bairstow
  • D Warner(vc)
  • J Vince
  • S Smith
  • E Morgan
  • J Root(C)
  • M Stoinis
  • M Starc
  • NC Nile
  • M Wood
  • J Archer

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SQUAD:Aaron Finch(c), David Warner, Steven Smith, Usman Khawaja, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey(w), Shaun Marsh, Marcus Stoinis, Kane Richardson, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Adam Zampa, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Jason Behrendorff

  • Australia won 5 out of 6 matches till now.
  • They are expected to go with same playing11.
  • D Warner and A Finch are expected to open the inning while U Khwaja  and S Smith will bat at 1 and 2 down.All are very good batsman and are in good form.Warner was highest scorer of this IPL and is  highest scorer of team in this world cup also  while S Smith and A Finch has played many good knocks recently. A Finch scored attacking innings of 66,36 ,82 ,153 and 53 in till now while S Smith has also scored 2 half centuries till now .
  • D Warner scored attacking 166 in last match.He scored 2 centuries and 2 half centuries till now.
  • Steve Smith is one of the best batsman of team and is one of the best in world. He is technically strong batsman and is  looking at his best again , he scored 6 half centuries and 1 century in last 10 innings .
  •  U Khwaja played an attacking inning of 89 in last match after failing in initial matches.
  • G Maxwell will bat next. He is very talented and attacking batsman.He is in form of his life at this moment. He is scoring in almost every game. He can be promoted any time for big hitting.Maxwell scored 46 and 32 in last 2 matches.
  • A Carey will do late hitting duty.He is an attacking batsman.He generally get less chance to bat but is very good batsman.He scored attacking 55 in 1 game.
  • P Cummins and N Coulter Nile can bat also. Both have proved it many times in International arena.Coulter Nile scored match winning 92 in 1 game.
  • A Zampa will lead the spin attack of the team while G Maxwell  will assist them . Zampa is struggling to put a good performance but he can play crucial role on his day.
  • P Cummins,M Starc ,N Coulter Nile  will to lead  the pace attack of the team  while M Stoinis will assist them.
  • P Cummins and M Starc are in tremendous form  while N Coulter Nile and Stoinis also very good bowler.P Cummins took 38 wickets in last 15 matches(including warm up matches).Cummins took 11 wickets while  M Starc took 15 wickets in this world cup.
  • Both Coulter Nile and  Stoinis took 2 wickets each in last match.


SQUAD:Eoin Morgan (c), Jos Buttler (wk), Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood, James Vince, Chris Jordan, Jofra Archer, Tom Curran, L Dawson

  • England team lost their last match by Srilanka.Now they have to win 2 matches out of 3 in order to save them from permutation and combinations.
  • Jason Roy is ruled out of this match also.
  • E Morgan said that they can include L Plunkett in place of Moeen Ali depending upon pitch condition.
  • J Vince will open the inning along with J Bairstow.  J Bairstow is in good form and is  very attacking batsman, he scored attacking 99,51 and 45 in last 4 matches. James Vince is a technically strong batsman but he has poor habit of throwing wicket after getting set.
  • Ever reliable Joe Root will bat at 1 down. He is technically strong batsman and is a consistent performer .Joe Root is one of the best batsman of this format, he will be key for England in the middle overs.He  is looking in terrific form, he has scored 3 half centuries and 2 century till now
  • Eoin Morgan will bat next. He is very talented and technically strong batsman. He is in form of his life at this moment. He is averaging above 60  this year.He shows his power hitting capability in 2nd last match where he scored attacking 148 with 17 sixes.
  • Ben Stokes will do the all round duty for England.He is very talented batsman.He played fighting knock of  89 in first match and 82 in last match.
  • Jos Buttler is expected to bat next. He is very attacking batsman and is looking at his attacking best.He scored attacking century in  2nd match and attacking half century in 3rd last  match.He can get promoted any time for big hitting.
  • Moeen Ali(risky),C Woakes and J Archer will do late hitting duty. Moeen is very attacking batsman and was in good form in IPL while C Woakes is a technically strong batsman.
  • J Archer and L Plunkett(risky) can also play big shots.
  • Adil Rashid and Moeen(risky) Ali will lead the spin attack of the team . Moeen is an off spinner and generally bowl well while Adil Rashid is a leg spinner and is their best spinner.Adil Rashid is a wicket taking bowler, he took 5 wickets  in last 2 matches after struggling in initial matches.
  • Jofra Archer,C Woakes and M Wood will lead the pace attack of the team  while B Stokes will assist them. Archer  is a very rare talent and is known for his pace ,bounce and yorkers.He took 15 wickets till now.
  • M Wood and Archer known for their pace. Both are putting a show of serious pace .M Wood took 12 wickets in 5 matches he played.
  • C Woakes has also good pace and he can swing the ball also.He has taken just 5 wickets till now. Woakes is just bowling in initial phase , E Morgan has rarely used him in middle overs and death overs.


Lords, London

Pitch is expected to be neutral.Both batsman and bowler get equal support here.

Genarally team scores in the range of 250.In RLODC final 245 was chased by 2nd batting team.Pitch generally slow down in 2nd inning.

In last match PAK scored 308 while SA get booked on 259.

Total Match Played: 62
Batting First Won: 27
Batting Second Won: 33
Tie: 2
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 239

Highest Score: England 334/4

Lowest Score: South Africa 107/10


Jonny Bairstow, J Vince, Joe Root,E Morgan,Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes,Moeen Ali/L Plunkett,C Woakes,Adil Rashid, ,Jofra Archer,M Wood,

D Warner,A Finch,U Khwaja,S Smith,G Maxwell ,M Stoinis,Carey,N Coulter Nile,P Cummins,M Starc,A Zampa/K Richardson




TOP RUN SCORERS:( Matches Played,Run Scored ,Average)

  • E Morgan(51 M,1815 R,42.25A)
  • A Finch(25 M,1153 R,50.13A)
  • J Buttler(27 M,901 R,47.42 A)
  • J Roy(16 M,759 R,47.43A)
  • J Root(23 M,557 R ,27.85A)
  • J Bairstow(13 M,515R, 39.61A)
  • D Warner(19 M,578 R,32,11A)
  • S Smith(28 M,741 R,30.87A)


  • A Rashid(19 M,35 W,28,20 A)
  • M Ali(20 M,27 W,31,48,A)
  • L Plunkket(16 M,25 W,27.36 A)
  • P Cummins(12 M,22 W,27.90 A)
  • M Starc(14 M,21 W,37.38 A)
  • B Stoke(15 M,20 W,30.05)
  • C Woaks(14 M,19 W,37.47 A)


Fantasy Tips:

  • Genrally technically strong batsman more on this wicket.
  • In wicketkeeper Jos Buttler and J Bairstow  will be good choice.Prefer Jos Buttler on single wicketkeeper site.
  • Try to cover death bowlers of both team.Atleast cover death bowler of batting first team.
  • Death Bowlers of Australia:M Starc and Cummins/M Stoinis .
  • Death bowler of England: M Wood and J Archer
  • Make B Stokes and J Vince captain in atleast one of your grand league teams.



  • Default picks are must have players. If credit allows then go with them.
  • Other options consist players which you can use if you do not have sufficient credit.
  • Grand League Pick: Try them in one of your teams in grand league .


  • In wicketkeeper Jos Buttler and J Bairstow  will be good choice.Prefer Jos Buttler on single wicketkeeper site.
  • Try A Carey in grand leagues only.


Defautl Pick:

  • J Root ( technically strong batsman+ consistent performer,rated as one of the best batsman in world cricket)
  • E Morgan ( very talented batsman and technically strong batsman+ is in terrific form from last 3 series)
  • S Smith( technically strong batsman+ consistent performer,rated as one of the best batsman of world)
  • A Finch(talented and attacking batsman+ is in tremendous form)
  • D Warner(very technical batsman and consistent performer+ is in good form)

Other options:

  • U Khwaja( good batsman but not looking in good form)
  • J Vince(technically strong batsman)


Default Pick:

  • G Maxwell(attacking batsman)
  • B Stokes( attacking batsman+ good pace bowler,can play important role but is not in good form)
  • M Stoinis( Talented batsman+ handy bowlers having good variations)

Other Option:

  • Moeen Ali (risky, attacking batsman +good spin bowler )


Default Pick:

  • J Archer( very good fast bowlers, known for his yorkers and variations+ handy batsman )
  • M Wood ( wicket taking bowler and has good pace and reverse wing, bowls in death)
  • P Cummins(one of the best fast bowler of team+ is in good form)
  • M Starc( very good bowler known for his pace and bounce+ took 5 wicket haul in 4th last match)

Other Option:

  • A Rashid(Good leg spinner + wicket taking bowler)
  • C Woakes(decent batsman t+ good swing bowler but bowling in only initial phase of inning)
  • N Coulter Nile(attacking batsman+ good pace bowler)

Only Grand League Picks:

  • A Zampa


  • D Warner,(166,26.107,56,3)
  • A Finch,(53,153,82,36,6)
  • S Smith,(1,73,10,69,73)
  • G Maxwell(32,46*,20,28,0,)
  • P Cummins,(65/0,38/2,33/3,55/1,41/2)
  • N Coulter Nile(58/2)
  • M Starc,(55/2,55/4,43/2,74/1,46/5)
  • M Stoinis(17) (54/2)


  • J Bairstow(0,99,45,51,32,0)
  • B Stokes(82,2,10,6,13) (16/0,12/0,25/0,23/3,43/0)
  • Joe Root,(57,88,100,21,107)
  • Jos Buttler(10,2,64,103,18)
  • E Morgan(82,148,35,9,57)
  • J Archer(52/3,52/3,30/3,29/3,79/0)
  • C Woakes(22/1,41/0,16/1,67/0,71/3)
  • Wood(40/3,40/2,18/3,52/2,55/2,)
  • Adil Rashid(45/2,66/3,61/0,64/1,43/0)

Choices Of Captain:

  • J Root
  • J Bairstow
  • J Archer
  • M Wood
  • D Warner
  • S Smith
  • A Finch
  • P Cummins
  • M Starc


Try to go with your team.

Dream11 Team:.

  • J Bairstow
  • D Warner(vc)
  • A Finch
  • U Khwaja
  • E Morgan
  • J Root(C)
  • M Stoinis
  • M Starc
  • NC Nile
  • M Wood
  • J Archer


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