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Golden state will definitely gonna win this match as Lakers are in very bad form from last few matches.

Golden State Warriors team news:-

● There are no major injury concerns for team and they are at their full strength.

●Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are their best player and they are going to be best choice as SP in tomorrow match.

●Demarcus Cusions is playing like a monster and you can’t leave him any of your leagues.

●Darymound Green and Klay Thompson are also playing well.

●Available Substitutes:-A Igudala, Quin Cook, A Meckkine and K Looney are good options and others are not getting that much time.


Los Angeles Lakers team news:-

● There are no major injury concerns for the team.

●Javal Meccge and Rajan Rondo are their best player.

●K Pope is also playing good basketball.

●Kyle Kuzma is not playing as per his status.

●Available Substitutes:-A Cause, R Bullock and M Wagner.

Warriors Lineup:-

1.Stephen Curry 2.Klay Thompson 3. Kevin Durant 4.Darymoumd Green 5.Demarcus Cusions

Lakers Lineup:-

1.Rajan Rondo 2.K Pope 3.Lance Stephenson 4. Kyle Kuzam 5.Javal Meccge

SP Choices:-

1.Stephen Curry 2.Kevin Durant 3.Demarcus Cusions  4.Javal Meccge (good choice in GL)

Try to create 6 teams in GL with same SP to increase your GL winning chances.

Try to go with your team to avoid clashes.