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Match Preview:

LSH Team News:

Squad: Camano Cain, Desron Maloney , Dillon Douglas, Rawdon Bentick, Salvan Browne, Dean Browne, Rayan Williams, Camus Hackshaw, Tilron Harry, Jeremy Haywood, Kenson Dalzell, Kimson Dalzell, Othniel Lewis

  • They have won 5 and lost 1 match till now.
  • Salvan Browne is doing wicketkeeping for the team.
  • Expected top 4: Salvan Browne and Dillon Douglas(openers), T Harry, Desron Maloney, Dean Browne(If play)
  • T Harry can open also.
  • Desron Maloney(41+8+0+13+27+17+14), Salvan Browne(21+23+10+44+0+68+22), Dean Browne(17+20+0+19) and  Dillon Douglas(40+47+13+2+1+19) are the main batters of the team. D Douglas and Salvan Browne are looking in tremendous touch in this tournament.
  • O Lewis(spin)(1+0+0+2+1+1+2), D Browne(0+0+0+1+0), J Haywood(spin)(3+0+0+1+1+1+0) and Kimson Dalzell(1+3)  will lead the bowling attack of the team while A Douglas(0), Rayon Williams(1+0) and Kenson Dalzell(0+1+2+1+0+0) will assist them.
  • Rayon Williams is bowling in the death overs from the last 2 matches.

Probable11 of  LSH:

Salvan Brown, T Harry, Dillon Douglas, Desron Maloney, Dean Browne/Rawdon Bentick, CH Hackshaw, Jeremy Haywood, Othneil Lewis, Rayan Williams, Kimson Dalzell, Kenson Dalzell,

Important Players of LSH:

  • Desron Maloney,
  • Salvan Brown,
  • Dillon Douglas,
  • Dean Browne,(risky)
  • Jeremy Haywood,
  • Othneil Lewis,
  • Kimson Dalzell

FCS Team News:

Squad: Gidron Pope, Jahiel Walters, Olanzo Bellingy, Ronald Scott, Chelson Stowe, Keron Cottoy, Kirton Lavia, Sealroy Williams, Renrick Williams, Kenroy Williams, Rasheed Frederick, Ray Jordan, Sylvan Spencer

  • They have won only 1 match till now.
  • Expected Top 4: O Bellingy, Sealroy Williams, G Pope, K Lavia, R Scott
  • Gidron Pope(28+12+59+3+25+18+1), Sealroy Williams(35+1+19), Kirton Lavia(23+16+4+11)  and Keron Cottoy(8+4+13+1+4+1) are their main batters. Chelson Stowe(18+13+1+0+11)  and R Scott(0+2+26)  will do late hitting duty.
  • O Bellingy opened in the last match and scored 32 runs.
  • Kirton Lavia(1+2+DNB+1+1+2+1), Ray Jordan(0+1+1+1+1+0+1), Rasheed Frederick(0+1+1+0+0+1+0)(spin) C Stowe(0+1+1+0+0+0+3) and K Cottoy(2) will lead the bowling attack of the team while Sealroy Williams(spin)(1+1) and S Spencer will assist them.
  • K Cottoy didn’t bowl in the last match.

Stats of the Players :

Ronald Scott: 13 M, 13 I, 549 R, 42 A

Kirton Lavia: 18 M, 18 I, 436 R, 26 A + 18 M, 18 I, 13 W

Chelson Stowe: 17 M, 15 I, 159 R, 11 A + 17 M, 6 I, 2 W

K Cottoy: 4 M, 4 I, 115 R, 38 A + 4 M, 4 I, 6 W

Ray Jordan: 10 M, 10 I,  13 W

G Pope:  15 M, 15 I, 508 R, 42 A + 15 M, 9 I, 10 W

Rasheed Fredericks: 25 M, 14 I, 93 R 15 A + 25 M, 25 I, 30 W

Renrick Williams: 11 M, 11 I, 293 R, 27 A

Jaheel Walters: 17 M, 17 I, 289 R, 21 A + 17 M,  3 I, 2 W,

Sealroy Williams:  8 M, 8 I, 187 R,  23 A + 8 M, 8 I, 10 W

Kenroy Williams: Average Player

Olanzo Bellingy: 23 M, 22 I, 305 R, 15 A + 23 M, 5 I, 6 W

Sylvan Spencer: 19 M, 14 I, 139 R,  14 A + 19 M, 19 I, 26 W

Probable11 of  FCS: 

O Bellingy, Sealroy Williams, Gidron Pope, Kirton Lavia, R Scott, Keron Cottoy, C Stowe, J Walters, Ray Jordan, Rasheed Frederick, Sylvan Spencer

Important Players of FCS:

  • Gidron Pope,
  • S Williams
  • Kirton Lavia,
  • Ray Jordan,
  • Rasheed Frederick,
  • C Stowe

Pitch and Weather Report:

Pitch is expected to be neutral.

Top C/VC:

  • S Brown
  • D Douglas
  • S Williams
  • G Pope
  • K Lavia

Fantasy Tips:

  • In the wicket-keeper section, T Harry will be the best option.
  • Try to cover all the main bowlers and allrounders in the T10 matches.
  • Rotate C and Vc between the allrounders and the main bowlers in the grand leagues.
  • K Cottoy will be good captain in the grand leagues.

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