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SQUAD: Nikhil Patil, Shreyas Iyer, Shrideep Mangela, Aditya Dhumal, Rohit Kambli, Sagar Chhabria, Saksham Jha, Siddharth Chitnis, Sujit Haravi, Sujit Nayak, Yash Malap, Eknath Kerkar, Prasad Pawar, Atul Singh, Karsh Kothari, Nikhil Date, Siddharth Sharma, Uzair Khan.

  • They won their last match after loosing their first 2 matches.Both S Iyer and E Kerkar failed in all the matches, both will have to take responsibility with bat.
  • Karsh Kothari starred with ball in last match by taking 4 wicket haul.
  • They are expected to go with same playing11.
  • Sandeep Mangela and E Kerkar will open the inning of the team while S Iyer will bat at 1 down. S Iyer is highly talented and technically strong batsman while E Kerkar is also rated highly at club level.S Iyer scored 363 in last season and was in terrific form in IPL while E Kerkar scored 76 in last season.Both Iyer and Kerkar failed in all the  matches.
  • Sandeep Mangela played last match and scored 33 runs.
  • Prasad Pawar and Nikhil Patil are expected to bat next. Both are good batsman.Pawar scored 47 in first and 37 in last match while Patil scored 55 in first match.
  • Attacking batsman Sujit Nayak will bat next. He scored 99 in 1 match in last season and still has the record of highest individual score.He scored 186 runs in last season.He scored half century in very first match of this season and also scored 29 and 54 in next 2 matches. He took 4   wickets with ball also,he can get promoted in batting for his hitting.
  • Talented allrounder Aditya Dhumal is expected to bat next. He can bat in attacking manner.Dhumal scored 80   in last season.He played attacking inning of 38 in 2nd last match.
  • Talented   veteran all-rounder Siddharth Chitnis will do late hitting duty.He starred with both bat and ball in 2nd last match, he scored attacking 50 in 2nd last match.
  • Aditya Dhumal ,Karsh Kothari and S Chitnis will lead the spin attack while S Nayak will assist them . Both A Dhumal and S Chitnis are very talented bowler and have played from Mumbai team. Dhumal took 3 and Chitnis took 2 wicket while Sujit Nayak took 4  wickets till now.
  • Talented Karsh Kothari played last match and took 4 wicket haul straight way.
  • Yash Malap and Nikhil Date/Saksham Jha   will lead the pace attack of the team while . Both are average bowler.


Shreyas Iyer,Shrideep Mangela, Eknath Kerkar,  Prasad Pawar, Sujit Nayak, Nikhil Patil, Siddharth Chitnis, Aditya Dhumal, Yash Malap, Karsh Kothari, Nikhil Date(high)/Saksham Jha,


  • S Iyer,(Best batsman of whole tournament, 363 runs in last season)
  • E Kerkar,(talented and attacking batsman,)
  • Sujit Nayak,(attacking batsman, 186 runs in last season+ 4 wickets and 2 half centuries in this season  )
  • Aditya Dhumal,(good allrounder, 80 runs and 7 wickets in last season+ 38 runs and 3 wickets in this season )
  • Siddharth Chitnis,(good allrounder, scored 50 in2nd  last match)
  • Karsh Kothari( very good spinner,played from Mumbai team,took 4 wickets in last match
  • Nikhil Date(risky, good pace bowler, )


SQUAD:Agni Chopra, Hersh Tank, Japjeet Randhawa, Mansingh Nigade, Tushar Srivastav, Dhrumil Matkar, Jay Bista, Parag Khanapurkar, Rohan Raje, Sandeep Kunchikor, Shashank Attarde, Vaibhav Mali, Adeeb Usmani, Yogesh Takawale, Aatif Shaikh, Akshay Barma, Badrey Alam, Deepak Shetty, Harsh Tanna, Khizer Dafedar

  • They topped the group stage last season and started their campaign with bang in this season also.They won their all the 3 matches till now.
  • Parag Khanapurkar played a terrific knock on 96 in first match and also scored 45 in last match while Harsh Tank and their bowlers were stars of 2nd match.
  • Allrounder K Dafedar also starred with both bat and ball in last match.
  • No changes are expected in their team.
  • Hard-hitting batsman Hersh Tank and talented Jay Gokul Bishta will open the inning.Hersh Tank is an attacking batsman while Jay Gokul Bishta is technically strong batsman and is a consistent performer.Jay Bishta scored 197 in last season.
  • Harsh Tank scored 47  and 23 in last 2 matches while Jay Bishta failed to play a single big inning with bat in this season.
  • Experienced Parag Khanapurkar is expected to bat next. .He batted well in all the 3 matches.He scored attacking 96 in first and 45 in last match.
  • Attacking wicketkeeper  batsman Yogesh Takwale(ex opener of Rajasthan Royals) will bat next.He is very attacking batsman and had played few attacking innings with Rajasthan Royals, he failed in all the matches with bat.
  • Talented  allrounder Rohan Raje and K Dafedar are expected to bat next. R Raje played quick cameo of 18 in first match while K Dafedar scored attacking 33 in last match.
  • Dhrumil Matkar,Vaibhav Mali and A Usmani will do late hitting duty. Dhrumil is known as finisher of team.
  • Badrey Alam and Rohan Raje will lead the pace attack of the team while Deepak Shetty is expected to assist them. Badrey Alam was highest wicket taker of last season with 12 wickets while Rohan Raje took 8 wickets in last season.Both Alam and Raje took 2 wickets each in first match while Deepak Shetty took 3 wicket haul in 2nd last match.
  • Dhrumil Matkar and Vaibhav Mali will lead the spin attack while K Dafedar and P Khanapurkar are expected to assist them.Dhrumil took 8 wicket in last season and is best spinner of team while V Mali and K Dafedar are also good bowler.V Mali took 2 wickets in 2nd last match while Dhrumil Matkar took 5 wickets till now.
  • K Dafedar has played from Mumbai team and is a good bowler.


Jay Gokul Bista, Hersh Tank,  Parag Khanapurkar, Yogesh Takawale,K Dafedar, Dhrumil Matkar, Rohan Raje,Adeeb Usmani/Mansingh Nigade, Vaibhav Mali, Badre Alam, Deepak Shetty,


L.S means Last season.

  • Hersh Tank,(attacking batsman,56 RUNS in L.S+ 47 and 23 in last 2 match)
  • Jay Bishta,(very technically strong batsman+ 197 RUNS in L.S)
  • Yogesh Takwale,(attacking batsman+75 RUNS in L.S)
  • Parag Khanapurkar,(90 RUNS in L.S + played innings of 96 and 45 in this season)
  • Rohan Raje ,(68 RUNS , 8 WICKEST in L.S + 3 wickets and attacking 18 in first match)
  • Dhrumil Matkar,(best spinner of team+8 WICKETS in L.S+ 5 wickets in this season)
  • Badrey Alam,(12 WICKETS in L.S)
  • Deepak Shetty( very good pace bowler, took 3 wicket haul in 2nd last match)
  • Vaibhav Mali( decent spinner, took 2 wickets in last match)
  • K Dafedar( attacking batsman+ good bowler)

Fantasy Tips:

  1. In wicketkeeper both E Kerkar and Y Takwale  are good.However E Kerkar will be slightly better option.
  2. Spinner (specially left arm spinners) are getting more support from the wicket.
  3. K Dafedar and Rohan Raje will be  a good choice of Captain in grand leagues.

Pitch Condition:

Wankhede Stadium , Mumbai

Pitch is expected to be batting friendly however scores in range of 150-170 are expected because most batsman don;t have so much skill.

Choices Of Captain:

  • S Iyer
  • E Kerkar
  • Aditya Dhumal
  • Sujit Nayak
  • J Bishta
  • Parag Khanapurkar
  • K Dafedar
  • Dhrumil Matkar


Always try to make your team by seeing given info.We will update our team in some time.

Dream11 Team:

  • E Kerkar
  • S Iyer(vc)
  • Prasad Patil
  • H Tank
  • P Khanapurkar(c)
  • S Nayak(other good choice of C and Vc)
  • A Dhumal/D Matkar
  • K Dafedar
  • K Kothari
  • N Date
  • Deepak Shetty

Ballebaazi Team:

  • E Kerkar
  • S Iyer(vc)
  • Prasad Patil
  • H Tank
  • P Khanapurkar(c)
  • S Nayak(other good choice of C and Vc)
  • A Dhumal/D Matkar
  • K Dafedar
  • K Kothari
  • N Date
  • Deepak Shetty


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