Try to play only grand league in this match as any senior bowler of Australia can bowl less overs and they can even change the batting order also.

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Squad:Meg Lanning (c), Rachael Haynes (vc), Erin Burns, Nicola Carey, Ashleigh Gardner, Heather Graham, Alyssa Healy, Jess Jonassen, Delissa Kimmince, Beth Mooney, Ellyse Perry, Megan Schutt, Tayla Vlaeminck, Georgia Wareham

  • Australian team is the best team of the world .They are expected to win this match easily.
  • Australia team is doing lot of experimentation at this time.They can do any no of experiments in this match also.
  • A Healy and R Haynes are expected to open the inning of the team. Both are consistent performer of the team. A Healy is known for her hitting while R Haynes is technically strong batsman .A Healy is  in terrific form  while R Haynes is highly talented batsman. A Healy scored record breaking 148 in last t20 and 69 in last ODI. .R Haynes scored 56 and 118  in this series.
  • 2 of the best batsman of world their captain M Lanning and E Perry will bat at 1 and 2 down.Both generally plays well and  are in terrific form. Expect some big knocks from them.E Perry failed in both of the matches while Lanning scored 73 and 45 in both the matches.
  • Beth Mooney and A Gardner will do late hitting duty. All have capacity to play big innings but generally they get less chance to bat in ODIs.Mooney scored 66 in last match.
  • Jess Jonassen,H Graham and N Carey can bat also .Both played many good innings in Big Bash.
  • E Perry,M Schutt(risky)N Carey and T Vlaeminck will lead the pace attack of the team while H Graham will assist them.Schutt is one of the best bowler of world while Perry also bowls well. Right now E Perry and M Schutt is bowling less overs.
  • N Carey took 1 wicket in last 2 matches while Vlaemick took 3 wickets in last match.
  • Jess Jonassen , A Gardner and G Wareham will lead the spin attack. J Jonassen is main spinner of team.All are wicket taking bowlers.
  • Jonassen took 4 wicket haul in last match.He took 6 wickets in last 2 matches.Wareham took 3 while Gardner took 2 wickets in last 2 matches.


Squad: Shashikala Siriwardena (Capt), Harshitha Madavi (V. Capt), Chamari Atapattu, Anushka Sanjeewani, Hansima Karunaratne, Yashoda Mendis, Nilakshi de Silva, Dilani Manodara, Oshadhi Ranasinghe, Inoka Ranaweera, Sugandhika Kumari, Inoshi Fernando, Achini Kulasuriya, Udeshika Prabodhani, Ama Kanchana.

  • They lost all the matches by big margin.
  • O Ranasinghe can replace Sugandika Kumari in this match.Hansima Karunaratne can replace Ama Kanchana in playing11.
  • C Atapattu and Anushka Sanjeevani  are expected to open the inning for the team while H Madavi  is expected to bat at 1 down .C Atapattu is the best batsman of the team but she failed with bat in both ODIs while Madavi is also a good batsman.A  Sanjeevani is average performer.
  • C Atapattu was in good form in Women’s Super League.She scored unbelievable century in 1st t20 against strongest bowling attack of world.
  • H Madavi scored 39 and 22 in last 2 matches while A Sanjeevani scored 36 in last match.
  • Talented Hansima Karunaratne(risky) is expected to bat at 3 down.She is an average batsman.
  • Shashikal Siriwardane will bat next .She is  a good batsman and good spinner.She scored 30 and 22 in last 2 matches.
  • O Ranasinghe(risky) and Nilakshi De Silva can bat also. N De Silva is a talented batsman but she is in very bad form.
  • Shashikala Siriwardane and Inoka Ranweera will lead the spin attack for the team while Sugandika Kumari(risky) can assist them .S Siriwardane is a wicket taking bowler while Ranweera also bowls well but they will have to face lot of challanges on Autralian soil.Siriwardane took 4 wickets in last 2 matches. Sugandika took 2 wicket in last match.
  • Udeshika Prabodhani,A Kulasuriya and O Ranasinghe(risky) will lead the pace attack of the team while C Atapattu will assist them .U Prabodhani  is their best pace bowler while Ranasinghe is a wicket taking bowler.
  • U Prabodhani took 2 wickets in first match. A Kulasuriya took 3 wickets in last match.
  • Atapattu has experience of bowling in different t20 leagues but she is bowling less overs in t20s.


North Sydney,Oval

Pitch is expected to be neutral .Australia can score big if they bat first.


Chamari Athapaththu,Anushka Sanjeewani, H Madavi,D Manodara, Hansima Karunaratne/A Kanchana, Shashikala Siriwardene, Nilakshi de Silva,Oshadi Ranasinghe/Sugandika Kumari, Inoka Ranaweera, Udeshika Prabodhani,A Kulasuriya


Alyssa Healy, R Haynes, Meg Lanning, Ellyse Perry, Beth Mooney, Ashleigh Gardner,N Carey, Jess Jonassen,H Graham, Georgia Wareham, Tayla Vlaeminck,


  • Alyssa Healy (wk),{ hard hitting batsman+ plays in attacking manner+should be your first choice of wicketkeeper}
  • Meg Lanning (c),{ Best batsman of world cricket+can perform in any condition}
  • R Haynes{technically strong batsman}
  • Ellyse Perry,{ current no.1 ICC batsman}
  • Ashleigh Gardner,{ Hard hitting batsman+ good spin bowler}
  • Jess Jonassen,{ Former world no.1 bowler+Spinner+Handy batsman}
  • Megan Schutt,{ risky, One of the best fast bowler of world+relies on swing and accuracy}
  • G Wareham {Very good spinner + is in good form}


  • Chamari Atapattu,
  • Shashikala Siriwardene,
  • H Madavi
  • U Prabodhani
  • O Ranasinghe(risky)
  • A Kulasuriya


  • In wicketkeeper A Healy will be best choice.
  • Australia is expected to win this match easily.
  • Try to take 7 players of Australia in your small league team.
  • Try to play only grand league in this match as any senior bowler of Australia can bowl less overs and they can even change the batting order also.
  • Try top order batsman of Australia(upto E Perry) and their main bowlers as captain in grand leagues.


  • Alyssa Healy
  • M Lanning
  • R Haynes
  • E Perry
  • A Gardner
  • M Schutt(risky)
  • J Jonnassen
  • C Atapattu



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