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We can’t say who will win this match but, as recent form we can predict that Golden State will win this match.

Golden State team news:-

● Kevin Durant and Demarcus Cousins are injured so they will not play this match.

●Stephen Curry is in form of his life and he will be a good choice for SP in this match.

●Darymound Green is also in his dream form and he will play a crucial role tomorrow.

●Andre Igudala and Klay Thompson  are also playing good basketball.

* Andre Bogut is not getting that much time to play.

●Available Substitutes:-K Looney, S Livingston, J Jerbeko and Q Cook are good options and others are not getting that much time.

Portland Trail Blazers team news:-

● Damian Lillard is in great form and he will going to be best choice as Sp In tomorrow match.

●C.J. Moccullum is making his minutes count and he is the second best player in Portland after Lillard.

● Al-Faruq-Aminu and Enes Karter are also playing good basketball.

●M Harckless is a good option because of less credits.

●Available Substitutes:-R Hood, S Curry, Z Collins and E Turner

Golden State Lineup:-

1.Stephen Curry 2.Klay Thompson 3.Andre Igudala 4.Darymound Green 5.Andre Bogut

Portland Lineup:-

1.Damian Lillard 2.C.j.Moccullum 3.Maurice Harkless 4.Al-Faruq-Aminu 5.Enes Karter

SP Choices:-

1.Stephen Curry 2.Damian Killed 3.Darymound Green 4.C.J.Moccullum (good choice in GL)

Try to create 6 teams in GL with same SP to increase your GL winning chances.

Try to go with your team to avoid